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CHALLENGER ALI Cert. Versymmetric Two Post Car Lift 10,000 Lbs

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Challenger VLE10 Versymmetric® ALI 2 Post Car Lift 10,000 lbs 

Supersedes LE10 

Challenger Lifts’ Versymmetric® technology brings flexibility to any service bay while also ensuring the safe lifting of any vehicle. Versymmetric® lift technology, established in 1992 by Challenger®, combines a Symmetric and an Asymmetric lift into one!

Safely accommodating vehicles from compact cars to full size trucks, our Versymmetric® lifts can do it all by using heavy-duty columns and arms. Meaning you can service a wide range of vehicles all from the same service bay.

Whether you’re looking for efficiency or are just simply short on space, this Challenger Lift is right for you.

  • Challenger’s Versymmetric® Technology, with 3-Stage offset front arm design, allows for the safe symmetric lifting of trucks or asymmetric lifting of other small vehicles within the same service bay.
  • Direct Spot Technology™, created by the Versymmetric® offset arms, allows you to save time on spotting a short wheelbase vehicle by eliminating the need to struggle with the tires.

Any Vehicle. One Bay.
The left image shows a standard passenger car best lifted asymmetrically to allow the technician easy access to the car’s interior. The right image shows a truck with a possible “load” in the back. This type of vehicle lifts best symmetrically as the front arms position forward, distributing the weight evenly between the two columns. While each image demonstrates a different way of lifting, with Versymmetric®, both methods are possible all from one bay.



  • 3-Stage Versymmetric® front arms and 2-Stage rear arms provide a wide arm sweep for asymmetric and symmetric lifting in the same service bay.
  • 11.875” standard height fits in service bays with 12’ ceiling height.
  • Double telescoping screw pads with rubber foot pad.
  • Padded overhead shut-off system prevents vehicle damage.
  • Jacketed pulley-less single-point mechanical lock release system that was once exclusive to our CL series lifts are now standard on the VLE10.
  • Rubber door guards protect vehicle from door damage.
  • Premium powder coat finish provides long-lasting durability.
  • Plated arm restraints and arm pins inhibit rust and provide long-lasting durability

Supersedes LE10 


Lift Capacity 1

10,000 lbs. (4536kg)
A - Rise Height (Screw Pads at Highest Position)74.75”
B - Overall HeightStandard: 143.875” / Extended Height: 167.875
C - Overall Width131.625”
- Drive-Thru Clearance98.375”
E - Floor to Overhead SwitchStandard: 137” / Extended Height: 161
F - Front Arm Reach22.3125” - 39.375”
G - Rear Arm Reach38.375” - 55.375”
H - Screw Pad Height4.25” / 6.75”
I - Inside of Columns110.25"
Rise Time244 seconds
Ceiling Height RequiredStandard: 12’ / Extended Height: 14’
Motor / Voltage2HP / 208v-230v, 60Hz, 1Ph

1Lift capacity ratings are based on loads equally distributed on all four arms.
2Lifting and lowering speeds may vary depending on the weight of the vehicle.

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