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Product Description

DWA1100TRUCK: Complete Truck Wheel Alignment System

Efficient and Precise Alignment for Trucks and Buses

The DWA1100TRUCK wheel alignment system is designed to deliver comprehensive alignment solutions for trucks and buses. This complete version includes a new cabinet, computer control system, sensors, and all necessary accessories for seamless alignment operations.

Key Features:

Advanced CCD Sensor Technology: Utilizing state-of-the-art electronic components, the CCD sensors ensure quick and accurate measurement of all alignment parameters through a proven field-tested procedure.

Extensive Vehicle Database: The CEMB truck database includes over 50,000 vehicles and is constantly updated. The new vehicle model ranking system allows for rapid and clear selection of different vehicles, making alignment operations efficient and accurate.

Long-Lasting Lithium Batteries: Featuring long durability, these batteries are immune to the “memory effect” and can be recharged at any time, ensuring continuous operation without interruptions.

MEMS Accelerometer Technology: Derived from the aeronautical field, the MEMS accelerometer, in conjunction with CCD cameras, accurately acquires the alignment parameters of wheels by measuring sensor inclinations (caster and camber). This advanced technology replaces the delicate pendulum-type inclinometers, eliminating issues caused by shocks.

Comprehensive Alignment Specifications: The 30+ year vehicle database includes heavy-duty truck alignment specifications and allows for alignment spec customization, ensuring precise and tailored alignment for every vehicle.

User-Friendly CEMB Alignment Software: The software offers multi-language capability and customizable configuration options, making it easy to use and adaptable to various operational needs.

Why Choose DWA1100TRUCK?

  • Accuracy: State-of-the-art CCD sensor technology ensures precise alignment.
  • Efficiency: The extensive and constantly updated vehicle database streamlines the alignment process.
  • Durability: Long-lasting lithium batteries and robust MEMS accelerometer technology provide reliable performance.
  • Customization: Ability to customize alignment specs and software configurations to meet specific requirements.

Upgrade your alignment capabilities with the DWA1100TRUCK and experience enhanced efficiency and precision in truck and bus wheel alignment.

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